How long is each study pod?

Our AM pod is 4 hours. The PM pod is 2.5 hours.

Where do pods take place?

Sessions will take place at our Study Studio in downtown Lafayette – 3450 Mt. Diablo Blvd.

Who will teach the Study Pods?

Study Sessions will be led by a local teacher, former teacher, teacher’s aide, or college student in the education field.

How many people will be in each Study Pod?

We limit each indoor Study Session to 6 students.

What happens in each Study Pod?

Our Staff will help students with their long distance learning plans and homework during their session. The Study Studio does not provide assignments. We will, however, have grade level reference books and extra activities if students finish their assignments quickly and need extra work.

Will my child be working for 2 hours straight?

Absolutely not! Timing will vary on the child’s age and temperament. We understand that attention and focus can vary wildly, especially in the early years. We will break up the day’s tasks and keep it fun and positive. Our Study Coaches will help each child complete small tasks and take breaks accordingly.

Do you provide any supplies?

Students must bring their own devices, notebooks, pens/pencils, and any other school materials necessary to complete their assignments.

What will you do during breaks? I want to make sure my child doesn’t waste his/her time.

Our goal is to provide an environment in which our students want to work and are encouraged to get their tasks done. Part of the process is to aim for a balance between physical and mental focus, to break tasks down, and keep them fun.

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