Indoor Study Pods are limited to 6 students.  Our Study Coaches are educators.  They are committed to helping our students through this difficult time, and their role will be as follows:  

  • to facilitate a student’s long distance learning plan;
  • keep the student focused;
  • make sure their students are completing and turning in assignments;
  • and also providing a very small and limited social environment and instructor feedback. 

Study Coaches will help students log onto their devices and get started with their lessons for the day (provided by their school teachers).  If the student needs help with any portion of their assignments, our Study Coaches will assist with that.  Our Study Coaches will be working with all 6 students in their pod throughout the study period.  If you think your child is better suited for one-on-one help, this might not be the best fit for him/her. 

Our instructors will recognize when the students need a break and provide that mental rest.  Mental rest can be a little play, a little story time, some group yoga…it will really depend on the Study Coach and the age group of the students.  Our Study Coaches and staff aim to support and fill in the gaps of not being in a “normal” school setting right now as best they can. 

Students will need to provide their own devices and headphones. 

Parents will need to provide all log-ins and passwords for the various platforms (Seesaw, Epic, Google Classroom, BrainPop).  We will provide a questionnaire at the beginning of each Session and keep this information in our students’ files. 

If a student needs to attend a classroom Zoom meeting while they are in a Study Session with us, we can accommodate for that, so long as the student brings their own headphones. 

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