A New Learning Center in Lamorinda

The Study Studio is a new learning center in downtown Lafayette for children in Kindergarten – 5th Grade. We focus on supporting and assisting our students with homework and the long-distance learning plans that they receive from their elementary schools.

Homework Help

We acknowledge that this is a challenging time for local educators. As our school districts contemplate new learning platforms, we recognize the need to provide as much support as we can to our students and their families as they navigate long-distance learning plans. We are committed to helping students and their families during this time to provide this educational service.

Community Approach

The Study Studio aims to create a sense of community in these socially distant times. Each Study Studio section will have one community activity during their session. Whether it’s story time, yoga for kids, a group discussion on the “Word of the Day,” or answering our “Question of the Day,” our students will have the opportunity to make a connection with their Study Studio neighbor everyday.